Saturday, September 16, 2006

I've been looking for a little while for free ways to make money through the internet. I knew the opportunities were out there, I just had to search. Anyway, I'm just passing along the information to you. They're all totally free sites, they don't charge anything to start, anything to stay. Just totally free. Really. Look for yourself if you'd like.

  • FreeCashLink1

  • This site is all about writing articles. They pay you anywhere from $3 - $20 to write articles. It's actually fun! You submit your article, if they approve it (9 out of 10 get approved so don't worry), they send you an e-mail with an offer for how much they will pay you for it, you either accept or decline the offer. If you accept, they pay you straight throughPayPal. It's easy. I mean it's not going to pay all of your bills for the month I'm sure, but it sure helps! It takes me about 20-30 minutes to write one article, so depending on how much time you have to spend on it, you can make decent money. Like I said, it's a free opportunity, so what the heck.

  • FreeCashLink2

  • FreeCashLink3

  • Both of these sites are for getting paid e-mails and doing free offers. I personally don't like to do the offers because they sometimes want you to pay $2.00 to get $10 or something like that. I only want to participate in the stuff I don't have to put my credit card number in! I'm sure you can make decent money off of the offers if that floats your boat. Mainly, you make your money from referrals on these sites. It's fun and easy, and free. Doesn't require really any time at all, just open your e-mails every day from them and you automatically get paid even if you don't do the offers they give you. I would really suggest either one of these, but I think I like the first link better than the second.

    Well, that's all for now. I've found a few more, but I really don't like them so I don't want to refer anyone to them. Check back now and then and if I find any more good ones, I'll post them. Thanks a lot for visiting. I hope it's helpful to you!



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